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What is Fistula?

An anal fistula is a tiny tunnel that links an infected gland in the anus to the skin surrounding it. Swelling and soreness around the anal area can be caused by an anal fistula. Infected cavities that fill with debris and pus are known as anal fistulas. Acute anal infections cause 90 percent of anal fistulas worldwide.


Long-standing abscess

Underlying Medical conditions

Sexually Transmitted Disease





Skin Maceration

Perianal swelling

Pus or blood discharge

Pain during bowel movements/urination


An anal fistula is usually diagnosed by examining the area around the anus. The doctor can create drainage from the external hole to identify the depth and direction of the fistula tract. Additional tests, such as an Anoscopy, are required if the fistula is not apparent on the skin surface. The doctor may also request an MRI or Ultrasound to properly characterise the fistula.

Anal fistulas are usually treated with a variety of surgical techniques or choices. Seton installation, fistula closure with a medical plug, infection drainage from the fistula, opening up the fistula to heal on its own, and laser method are just a few of them. Anal fistula specialists at LFG Cares choose to employ the fistula laser therapy because of the following advantages:

- Cost-effective
- There are no cuts or incisions.
- Patients can return to their routine activities within 24 hours of treatment.


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Anna Mull

August 06, 2020

I always make my appointment at the same time as bringing my children. We are always seen on time and the dentists and reception staff are always friendly and accommodating.


If you notice any of the following in or around your anus, you may have an anal fistula.

  • itching
  • pain & swelling
  • irritation
  • bright red color bleeding
  • foul-smelling drainage [pus]
  • irritation of the skin

A small tunnel that cracks open into the other organ forming an abnormal connection between two organs, is a fistula. On the other hand, piles is a condition where a cluster of blood vessels, tissues, muscles and elastic fibres can be noticed in the anal area.

Fistula is an abnormal tract or tube-like connection that is formed between two different organs or tissues [anal fistula: the connection between anal canal and skin near the anus]. An anal fissure is a small crack, tear or cut in the lining of the anus.

If you avoid or delay anal fistula treatment, it can lead to serious complications like sepsis [bacterial infection] and can lead to low blood pressure, organ damage, and even death.

An anal fissure is a tear or crack in the lining of the anus. , On the other hand, a fistula is an abnormal tube-like connection or passage between two organs or tissues.

Proctologists, General surgeons, or colorectal surgeons can perform anal fistula surgery and below are their qualifications.

  • MS - General surgery
  • DNB - General surgery, surgical gastroenterology
  • FRCS - General Surgery [colorectal]
  • DNB - Surgical gastroenterology
  • FRCS - General surgery [colorectal]
  • MD - Colorectal surgery
  • Diplomate in the colon and rectal surgery

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